Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

I almost didn't make it past the first five minutes of Anchorman 2. It wound up being mildly interesting to watch, but it's not that funny, and most of the time it's just disturbingly bizarre.

I liked Anchorman, and Roeper said Anchorman 2 was funny, so I watched it. I almost didn't make it past the first five minutes. It wasn't funny in the slightest, and Will Ferrell looks weird these days. This was the first movie I've seen him in since someone pointed out how jacked his bottom teeth are. I never noticed them before, but it's like the arrow in the FedEx logo - once you see it, it's all you can see. Everything was just over the top and bizarre and off-putting.

I thought it might get better once the other members of the news team appeared, and it did a little, but overall the movie only made it to about 50% funny. The first one must have been better, but I don't remember it well enough to know for sure.

Brick and Chani's relationship felt like it was the only thing going on in the movie, except it wasn't interesting enough to carry it. The scene where she gets fired was horrible. All the kids in the movie were such terrible actors; they weren't believable at all. The scene with Linda's family wasn't funny.

I wasn't interested in the news team fight. It was cool seeing all the cameos, but I really did want Ron to get to the recital. I didn't want to see any delays. And I think the idea of news teams killing each other is just too ridiculous for me to get any enjoyment out of. I did like that Gary wound up actually having mind powers, though.

I actually felt really bad for Ron when he went blind. I think it would be horrible to suddenly become deaf or blind. The schtick about him doing ridiculous things just because he was blind wasn't funny, though. And I didn't like the shark thing, either.

I did like the thread of new stuff happening in the news. The story arc as a whole was entertaining enough. I liked the Australian guy's accent, and it was funny when he changed it so people could understand what he was saying. It was also funny when they smoked crack on the air. The satire of what passes for "news" these days, like the patriotic puppy, was good.

I'm not sure someone would be so devastated by having to call themselves Jack Lame. They'd probably just own it and get over it. I did like Ron's "great" expressions. I thought it got wrapped up a little too quickly/cleanly at the end, and the scene after the credits was totally unsatisfying.

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