The Wolverine

The Wolverine looked good, but there was a lot of nonsensical stuff going on, and there wasn't enough substance to justify a movie.

I didn't have any interest in seeing The Wolverine. Roeper said it was good, but the trailer just didn't sell it. Okay, Wolverine loses his healing power, and he has to get it back. And then he gets it back, I'm sure. Great. What's the point of the movie, exactly? Turns out there wasn't one, because that's all there was. It looked good, and I like Wolverine just fine, but there wasn't really any reason to make this movie. It came across as just a thing Wolverine did one time, without there really being any meaning to it. I guess it would've worked fine as a comic story arc, or a TV episode or something, but there has to be something more for it to work as a movie.

I guess the most meaningful thing it represents is how/why Wolverine decided to come back to being Wolverine after he killed Jean. But I still don't think that was enough reason to make or watch this movie. I don't think I saw when he killed Jean, because I haven't seen any X-Men movies other than the first one and Origins: Wolverine. I liked both of those, unlike a lot of X-Men fans. Hugh Jackman is getting too old to play Wolverine. He was super wrinkly.

The plot was really just superfluous. It didn't have any weight for me. I just wanted it to be over. I groaned every time a fight started because it wasn't interesting at all, and it was just going to prolong the movie. The scene on top of the train was especially boring. Guys flying around, the claws and knives in the metal shot a thousand times; who cares, just end it already.

There were so many things that just didn't make sense. When Wolverine gets hit with the glass, his body pushes the glass out. So why didn't it push out the arrows? Or why didn't he just swing around and cut the cords? Yashida wouldn't have been protected from that nuclear blast. And there's no way they would've been able to outrun it, either. And why would Wolverine come out to check on him? I don't think he'd be like "I guess I'll pop out and see what that guy's up to." I think he would've just stayed down.

Harada didn't have enough motivation to change his mind. He was so committed to what Yashida wanted, and then out of nowhere he's just like "this is madness!" and decides to stop it. 

Viper molting was just silly. There was no reason for it. I think the people who made the movie just wanted to show it and they couldn't come up with a good reason, so they just did it anyway. But it was almost like they were trying to make it seem like the arrow didn't hurt her because she was molting, which doesn't work. That thin skin wouldn't protect her from anything. She took her hair off, which was weird. Does she not grow hair? Why did she have eyebrows, then? Maybe she does grow the hair back, and her eyebrows just grew in before she molted, but her hair hadn't grown out yet. They should think about those kinds of things on such a big movie.

The part where Harada declared his dedication to Mariko felt like totally awkward exposition. And if the ninjas were protecting the Yashida family, why was Harada the only one at the funeral? I didn't like that Mariko slept with Wolverine. I don't think just because you've got two people hanging out that they need to get together. Maybe it was just supposed to show that he cared for her and it brought him back into the world a little.

The music got a little crazy at a couple points. I don't remember which, exactly, but it was just really intense and hardcore, and it didn't quite match up with what was going on. I think one scene was a car driving up a mountain, but I forget who was going where.

I don't know why he and Yukio didn't just go back to the X-Men. You can't just go up in a plane and not tell the pilot where to go, and it would've made perfect sense for them to go to the X-Men. They didn't sell me on the next movie with the scene after the credits, either.

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