Hanna was a great movie. The score adds an entire dimension to the experience, the villains are great, and the action is solid. It's got some major plot holes, but it wasn't intended to be taken seriously.

Hanna: probably not the last in the long line of movies I wanted to see, then decided I didn't need to see after all, then decided to watch after seeing Roeper's review. I'm glad I saw this one. The action sequences were great. I loved Tom Hollander's character. He was so interesting. The Chemical Brothers did a great job with the score. It added a whole dimension to the movie. Cate Blanchett was a superb villain, too. I loved all the languages and accents.
I did have a few problems with it. The scene where Hanna kills the agents in the interrogation room was great, and so was the one with the scientists. They lost me in the tunnels, though. I didn't like the whole "face spinning around" business. I thought the whole movie was going to be like a music video at that point, which is funny, because in the commentary, the director noticed that's what that scene looked like, too.

I was disappointed that Hanna fell for the fake Marissa. I guess Erik wasn't a very good artist, or he could've drawn a picture of the woman Hanna was supposed to kill. I didn't think it was realistic for Hanna to tell Sophie where she was going, either. Why would she do that? Wouldn't Erik have told her that's supposed to be a secret? I guess since she thought Marissa was dead, she figured it didn't matter, but even if Marissa were dead, you'd expect the CIA to still be after her, so she shouldn't just be blabbing her plans.

I didn't like that Marissa picked such ugly green shoes to wear. The director said he liked them because they were witch-like, and he was going for a fairy tale theme with the movie. I guess that works. I didn't understand why Erik would spin the dead guy around on the merry-go-round. It didn't make any sense. Why would you do that? Just because it looked cool, and then you could have both of them spinning around when Erik died? Definitely not a motivation from Erik's point of view.

It was a little heavy-handed that Marissa walked out of a wolf's head, too. And I didn't exactly like the fact that it ended with the same line as it opened with. "I just missed your heart." Something was off about it in the opening. It wasn't quite right. It made more sense at the end, but I felt like it was shoehorned into the opening just for the symmetry. I did like the symmetry of the gun firing and the title card, though.

This was another movie where everyone died. At least Hanna didn't die. I loved the way Isaacs died, being held up by the swing chains like that.

Of course, you have the major plot hole of..Erik probably just could've taken Hanna somewhere, anywhere, and raised her as a normal girl. If he didn't capitalize on her enhanced abilities at all, Marissa probably wouldn't ever have found them.

I didn't like Knepfler, the guy in the house. I didn't trust him. I didn't know if Marissa had gotten there already, and it was a trap.

It was a great movie, though, and I'd recommend it for the score alone.

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