Cowboys & Aliens

Also starring: Daniel Craig's butt.
A movie not without its faults, but good show.

I didn't want to see Cowboys & Aliens. It seemed too gimmicky. Everyone was all like, "what a crazy movie! It's all there in the title, cowboys and aliens, ha ha ha!" And I was Plus, I didn't like Daniel Craig. I didn't get why everyone liked him so much. I hadn't seen him in anything. Then I saw him in Skyfall. Turns out, he's a good actor. Then I saw Roeper's review of Cowboys. He liked it, and he made it seem like something I wanted to see, so I got it.

I wasn't disappointed! It's a good movie. Paul Dano though, geez. Way to break my heart by playing a total throwaway character. I don't like how his character probably didn't change, either. Harrison Ford acts differently towards him, but it's not warranted. Speaking of which, why does he coddle him so much when he's such a hard-ass to everyone else, the Indian guy and the kid? Doesn't make sense, plot hole/confusion point #1. If only I had time to watch commentaries anymore, maybe they explain it.

That brings us to plot hole/confusion point #2, when the alien just takes off his weapon and just lays it down next to Craig. WTF? Why would it do that? No reason, other than, without it, no movie. I think they could've thought about it for all five minutes and figured out a more logical way for Craig to get the weapon, though. Also, no restraints on Craig? WTF, again.

I didn't like Doc. He was kind of a dick. Ford's choice of voice was kind of off-putting, too. And the accents! No one bothered doing any old West accents! They all sounded like modern-day Americans. I did not like that at all. I also did not like Olivia Wilde. Her face isn't attractive. I thought it was cool that she turned out to be an alien. But her people seem really smart/advanced. How is it they couldn't fight off these aliens, but humans can? And the humans are going to be really fucked if the aliens send any *more* aliens.

It was really sad when Craig went back to the house and no one was there. I think he brought those flowers just to tug on our heartstrings. I mean, he knew she wasn't going to be there. It was touching when the Indian guy died, too. Lucky for them he just happened to speak the same language as that tribe! Not very realistic. It was really sad when he watched his prostitute die, too.

I liked how much of a badass Craig was, though. That's always fun. Speaking of which, I think they needed to list "Daniel Craig's ass" in the credit. Those assless chaps really highlighted that asset. *rimshot* They did the same thing in Skyfall. At least it seemed less weird in Cowboys.

The colors were a little off. I didn't like how they kept doing that Photoshop thing with Craig and Wilde's eyes, where they were all super crazy blue. Unnatural. And it felt a lot more like a set than a movie at the beginning. Kind of tough to get into.

The aliens were pretty solid. There are a few things that made this an enjoyable movie. Daniel Craig's character, Ford's performance, and Wilde being an alien. So, I say, good show. A movie not without its faults, but good show. Plus: genre = Western and Sci Fi, how often does that happen?

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