Transformers: Dark of the Moon

This movie has a lot of problems. I couldn't follow what was going on with the action half the time, Carly is a complete non-character, and Sam's an unlikeable jackass. The plot has more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.

You also have the awesome (not) hour-long action sequence at the end again. I thought they would've learned their lesson from the last one: no one wants to sit through that much. Break it up into a couple of battles or something.

Fortunately, none of those things really matter to a movie like this, and I loved it anyway. We have Josh Duhamel, the name "Witwicky," Sam's parents, John Malkovich, Wash, Patrick Dempsey doing something unexpected, and several genuinely funny scenes.

It ends on a completely false triumphant "happily ever after" note - nothing has changed in Sam's life and he's still got all the exact same problems he started out with.

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